Cloned Trucks Used to Smuggle Drugs in the Crossroads

Drugs are smuggled through Victoria County every day. the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office is always working to keep drugs off our streets. The advantage they have is life experience, before they were cops they were common folk.

“Many of them have worked in the oil field considering this is south Texas,” Boyd said.

That experience paid off last month when Victoria County Sheriff Deputies spotted something unusual.

“Those people are very astute at what an oil field vehicle should look like,” Boyd said.

When drug dealers want to get creative and blend in with common traffic they clone vehicles.

“If you go and buy the right machine you can make the decal yourself,” Boyd said.

That traffic stop busted 116 pounds of Marijuana being smuggled on Highway 59 North, usually smugglers either impersonate a legit business or make one up.

“Anybody that wants to spend money on the machine and a computer can sit down and make whatever decal they want,” Boyd said.

With drugs like Heroin and Cocaine flowing from Mexico to Houston, Chief Deputy Boyd says there’s a long road to stopping drug trafficking.

“How do you sue the cartel, how do you go after somebody that is an entity in Mexico that operates in the shadows,” Boyd said.