City Waiting on FEMA for New Flood Plain Map

The City of Victoria has adopted a replacement of Chapter 9.5 of the city code to be in compliance with FEMA regulations.

Anybody that is going to build a house or make improvements within a flood plain has to get a flood plain permit through the city,” John Kaminski said.

The City says they’ve been waiting for the past decade for FEMA to update flood plain maps, but with no idea of when that might actually be done the federal government wants the city to move forward.

“Those are continuing to be delayed at the federal level and FEMA finally decided to ask us to get this ordinance adopted even though the new maps are still in progress,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski, Assistant City Manager, says he expects the flood plain map to change and could expand which means more Victorians could need flood insurance.

“There are more properties that will be within flood plains there will be more properties to be considered flood prone,” Kaminski said.