City to begin releasing water to community by noon Friday

Local officials provide updates as to when water should be restored

VICTORIA, Texas- The City of Victoria hosted a live virtual press conference at 4 p.m. Thursday to provide local updates on the status of the city and what the plan is to restore water and power to the community.

City Manager, Jesus Garza flipped through a slide show presentation showing text and diagrams and explaining the City’s plan.

The three main takeaways include:

-Additional leaks have been identified and 191 meters have been shut off to date

-Water storage capacity is increasing per the City’s plan

-The City will begin releasing water to the other half of the city by noon on Friday


How we got here

Following the winter storm that began on Sunday, February 14th, Victoria experienced below-freezing temperatures and icy conditions which continue to persist throughout the week.

On Tuesday, February 16 the City said the water system experienced rapid depletion of water supply causing water pressure to drop. This eld to the boil water notice that is still in effect. 


Water Boil Notice

Garza explained that the water boil notice has nothing to do with low temperatures or availability of electricity. Rather the notice comes into effect per a requirement of the Texas Commissions of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) once water pressure anywhere drops below 20 psi. Key tips to remember during a water boil notice:

  • Bring water to a rolling boil for two minutes
  • Allow water to cool before use
  • Pour into a clean container with a lid for storage
  • Boiled water is safe to use for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, mixing baby formula, giving to pets to drink, and washing dishes
  • Do not use automatic ice makers or water lines on refrigerators
  • Turn off faucets to help with water pressure
  • Practice smart water conservation practices

Garza said that the main cause in the drop in water supply is attributed to higher demand during the storm, water line breaks/leaks, and frozen gauges and electrical components that are sending inaccurate readings. The water supply did not drop due to a loss of power or due to the City intentionally shutting the water off, Garza stressed. 


What is the city’s strategy?

Going forward the City of Victoria said they are working on:

  • Refilling water storage capacity and control identifiable system breaks/leaks
  • Meticulously beginning the process of releasing water to South Pressure Plane until pressure is restored
  • Follow TCEQ protocols to rescind the Boil Water Notice

Garza stressed that when the City says water will be refilled in the next day or two they do not mean that every household will have water right away. Rather the water system will be replenished. Line breaks and leaks will have to be accessed one by one as the city works to restore water to homes.


Releasing water to South-Pressure Plane

Garza showed a series of diagrams explaining how the topography of the city is laid out and how that affects the flow of water pressure. 

In the High-Pressure Plane located on the Northside of town, pumps for the Surface Water Plant feed water to two water storage facilities, water tower #4, and water tower #6. Currently, water tower #4 is 20% full. And water tower #6 is 37% full. Garza said the City anticipates both towers to be 100% full by the end of Thursday. 

In the Low-Pressure plane which is located in the southside of town, pumps from the Surface Water Plant feed water to four tanks located at Water Plant #3. 

  • Water Plant #3 Groundwater storage tanks- all four are full
  • Water Tower #1- is in the process of being filled
  • Water tower #3- Is isolated and awaiting water
  • Water Tower #5- is isolated and awaiting water


Potable water is being delivered

Citizens and DeTar Hospitals are going to receive six pallets containing 6t,912 bottles of water. This water is for hospital use only. The City is still working to identify sources of additional water to meet community needs. 


When will water be restored?

Going into the weekend Garza said the City’s plan is to continue to monitor water line breaks or leaks and begin the process to rescind Boil Water Notice.


Resources for Assistance

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance reach out to any of these organizations:

Son Valley Ranch

  • Potable water distribution
  • Warming center

Meals on Wheels

  • Senior Food Distribution

C3 Victoria

  • Warming Center

Victoria ISD

  • Warming station

You can also call the City’s hotline at 361-485-3581 daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. For additional information click here.

If you have a water line break or leak to report please call 361-485-3381 or visit the city’s website