City says Mockingbird and Navarro Project near completion

The Mockingbird and Navarro project has been in full swing since May 30th.

City Communication director O.C. Garza says the project has made progress and is now close to being completed.

“They are moving all the underground utilities out of the street and behind the curb is what we call it in city government,” adds O.C. Garza, Victoria Communications Director.

Victoria Communications Director O.C Garza says the reason for moving these lines is to help, the city maintain these lines in the future.

“So future maintenance will be a lot easier because once TxDOT moves in with their median project, it would make any repairs that much more challenging. We would have to go through the median and then go through the street,” adds Garza.

The street closure has caused headaches for many drivers, so to get around the construction many drivers are going through the Gemini Court neighborhood.

Frank Hernandez says this neighborhood is normally quiet but now there is a concern for safety due to increase of heavy traffic.

“Right now during the summer, you know kids are out of school and out playing. Many people still don’t take that into consideration that this is a residential street and not the highways or the main road where they are used to traveling on. So the speed is one of the things that really concerns the people in the neighborhood,” exclaims Frank Hernandez, Homeowner.

While interviewing Hernandez, drivers came speeding through the neighborhood. Hernandez wants to caution drivers to drive safely, so they don’t cause an accident.

“Just drive through here like your kids live here and just take your time. There is really no rush and you know you’re saving only a few seconds to just drive around instead of going straight. So just be mindful of the kids that are around our neighborhood,” Hernandez says sternly.

Garza says the city is close to reopening the Westbound side of Mockingbird by the middle of next week, weather permitting.

“That will be temporarily because we are still doing work on the utilities behind the curb. So at some point, and this is after final testing of the utilities is done, we will have to start the repaving process at those intersections. We will probably have to temporarily close at least part of the lanes across those intersections,” Garza explains.

Although Mockingbird could open next week, O.C. Garza says the road could be closed for future projects.