City of Victoria to have tight budget year

It’s going to be tight budget year for the City of Victoria.

On Tuesday, City Council held a special meeting to hear budget proposals from eight departments, including fire, police, and Public Works.

These proposed budgets give the council an idea of what to expect for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, and the council uses this information to make a decision.

Sales tax revenue is down, and flat property values are the two biggest reasons why the city had challenges making a budget for this year.

Communications Director O.C. Garza says right now in this proposed budget, nobody is losing a job that is currently employed by the city.

During the current economic climate, department heads were faced with the challenge of making necessary cuts.

“Our goal is when we’re putting together a budget is to look at where our needs are in regards to needing a repair water and sewer lines. Where do we need to continue improving our road ways? We also try to maintain our redsidental neighborhoods as well as we can,” said Public Works Director Donald Reese.

These are working budgets, and changes could be made by City Council.

More budget meetings will be held starting in August.

The council must have the budget in place by September 30th right before the new fiscal year starts on October 1st.