The City of Victoria seeks input on how to spend funds from the American Rescue Plan

Roughly $10 million will be left on the table

VICTORIA, Texas – The City of Victoria has received $14,508,296 from the American Rescue Plan to help the Victoria community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and protect itself against future disasters, and residents can have a say in how the money is spent.

Half of the funding was received in June and the other half will come next year. All the money must be either spent or be assigned towards an expense by December 2024.

The city has already decided that $4.5 million will be placed towards replacing lost revenue, internal needs, hire staff to manage the funds and seek additional grant opportunities. Any leftover money from the $4.5 million will be allocated elsewhere.

Roughly $10 million will be left on the table. City leaders want to hear from Victoria residents on how this money should be spent.

In following federal and city council guidelines, the funds can be spent in the following categories.

  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • City Government organizational needs
  • Support for tourism and/or the travel industry
  • Grants for community organizations that serve vulnerable populations.
  • Economic development

“Ultimately it’s an opportunity to invest in projects we normally wouldn’t have, and in order to truly make an impact, it’s important that we hear from our stakeholders and our residents on what those needs are,” says Jesus Garza, City Manager.

To submit your proposal on where the money should be spent, click here