City of Victoria July 3, 2021 Special Election

Special Election page is ready for viewers
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July 3, 2021, Special Election candidates

VICTORIA, Texas – The City of Victoria will be holding its Special Election for Mayor and District 3 on Saturday, July 3, 2021. 25 News Now is preparing to keep the citizens of Victoria updated on the results, as we receive them.

Make sure to check out our Special Election page on Saturday, to keep up with election result updates. On our Special Election page, you can find the three candidates running for the City of Victoria Mayor, including David Crook, Jeff Bauknight and Emett Alvarez, along with the five candidates running for the City of Victoria District 3, including Lee Andrew Cantu, Joe Geistman, Chad Austin Hall, Aaron Franco and Duane Crocker.

Any articles related to the elections on Saturday, July 3, will also be shown at the bottom of the Special Election page for viewers to access.

As the results update on Saturday, July 3, 25 News Now will post the election results for viewers to see and send out a push alert.