City of Victoria in Final Stages of Downtown Utility Replacement Project

“We are significantly below that budget and right now we are on time with the project,” City of Victoria Public Works Director, Lynn Short said.

City of Victoria Director of Public Works Lynn Short says the downtown water and sewer line replacements project started in 2008 and is now almost complete in the downtown area.

“We are nearing completing with everything East of Moody Street around North Street, Main Street and Bridge Street area. Pretty much all the piping has been done. What is left to do is complete the pavement repair and I anticipate within a couple of months that portion of the work will be done,” Short said.

The city is still working on roads west of moody street in the Old Victoria area.

“Construction activity is going on there right now and will continue for another year then there’s one more set of projects to do and that is West of Moody in the southern part of that area like Water Street and River Street,” Short said.

Short says the community needed this sewer replacement project.

“The water and sewer lines in the downtown and Old Victoria area were 70 to 100 years old. So very old lines that were in bad need of replacement in order to avoid catastrophic failure,” Short said.