City Of Victoria early voting totals for Monday

Over 3,100 early votes cast

Early Voting 4 19

VICTORIA, Texas—This was the next to last day of early voting in Victoria for Victoria Mayor and City Councilmember District Three.

Early Voting – June 16 – June 29

Daily Activity – Monday, June 28, 2021

Total Voters in City of Victoria 36,752

Early Voting in Person

Today 232

Total To Date 1674

Percent 3.9%

Early Voting by Mail

Mail Out Today 0

Total mailed To Date 1965

Mail Returned Today 55

Mail Returned To Date 1465

Mail Percent returned 74.6%

Total Votes Cast

In person & by mail 3139


Election Day is Saturday, July 3, 2021. A Photo ID is required to vote in this election. All City of Victoria voters are eligible to vote for the Mayor and Voting Precinct 21, 25, 33 vote for Mayor and Councilmember District 3.