City of Victoria and Victoria Fire EMS Contract Negotiations Update

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller spoke about his latest offer to the city at Monday’s Commissioners Court meeting as the city and county are negotiating their Fire and EMS services contract. Now the six year proposal is being recommended by the City Manager to the City Council. The six year contract would pay the city about 1.6 million dollars the first three years and 1.8 dollars the last three years of the contract.
“The six year proposal is my preference and I’ve said I think it serves both parties best to lock in a longer term deal where we out in the county have the assurance of knowing who will be providing fire EMS services protection there and on the city’s side there’s assurance and certainty of the budget numbers will look like,” Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller said. The discussion is whether the price should be based on a percentage of the city’s budget or on a flat fee. City Council member Tom Halepaska says nothing remains the same for six years. This may be good for the county but it does not reflect our economy especially considering inflation. City Council member says neither the county or the city wants to pay more than they should. I understand both sides and I hope we can come to an agreement.

“I recognize that the price of everything is going up and it’s only appropriate that we pay some amount more. The issue has been how much more. I think the proposal that we put on the table has been abundantly fair and I think it does serve both entities best,” Zeller said. Also discussed at Commissioner’s Court Meeting: