City of Port Lavaca Employees hailed as heroes after near-drowning incident

All three employees were later recognized by city council for their heroic acts with a plaque


PORT LAVACA, Texas – Three Port Lavaca City Employees, Oscar Quintanilla, Edward Tyler, and Paul Castillo are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a girl who was drowning near a fishing pier.

“We went into action and we’re just glad we were able to do something,” says Tyler.

It was October 8th and the grand opening of the new fishing pier in Port Lavaca and all three guys were working to make sure the pier was ready to go for the day.

Around 4 p.m. as they were working, a man came running down towards the entrance of the pier yelling out for help saying that his daughter was drowning near the end of the pier.

“That’s when we jumped in, and it was just kinda, he was scared and he said it was his daughter and he didn’t know how to swim either,” says Tyler

Oscar quickly grabbed a rope from his truck and toss one end to Eddie who tied a knot and threw the rope to the drowning girl to prevent her from being dragged away by the current.

Eddie knew the girl needed more help so he climbed down the pier to help bring her back to shore.

“I told Oscar, hey, I’m gonna in the water and help her and both oscar and paul were helping us out getting us back to shore,” says Tyler.

With later help from fire and EMS, the girl was safely brought back to shore.

All three employees were later recognized by the city council for their heroic acts with a plaque.

“It felt good to get a plaque, I have it hanged up in my living room,” says Oscar.

“It was great to get the plaque, I have it in my room now,” says Paul.

All three also said,

“not all heroes wear capes,”


Thank you, Oscar, Eddie, and Paul for your heroic acts and saving a life.