City of Cuero studying pros and cons of relocating airport

The City of Cuero along with DeWitt County are working together to conduct a feasibility study on relocating the Cuero airport.

DeWitt County Feasibility Commission Member Michael Cavanaugh said they are in the early stages of the feasibility study, that they hope will help them determine if Cuero’s airport should be relocated.

“The study is the design to determine whether we have the demand for corporate and business aviation along with general aviation that would enable us to build another airport to relocate to a new one,” said Cavanaugh.

He adds that right now the current airport is 2800 feet long, making it too short for corporate aviation.

“We have to fly over the high school and Walmart,” said Cavanaugh. “If we are going to be viable, we need to move it, it needs to be long enough for Corporate and Business aviation and we have to provide the facilities they we require. That’s what we want this study to determine.”

Now, you might be asking yourself, “who is going to pay for this?” Well, the city and county will pay for half and the rest will be provided by TxDOT.

If the study finds Cuero should move their airport, Cavanaugh said they will work with Representative Genie Morrison’s office to buy land from the prison system.

“It’s land owned by the Texas Prison System and we are examining the options for getting about 100 acres of land from the state of Texas to move the airport.” said Cavanaugh

If the land is acquired, Cavanaugh said that most of the cost to build a new airport will be paid for by the government.

“If it makes economic sense to move the airport to another location, 90 percent of the funding is done out of an aviation trust fund and its not from local taxes,” said Cavanaugh. “It’s federal and state dollars that come from an aviation trust fund.”