City moving forward with Placedo Benevidez Project

We first reported on the Placedo Benevidez project in October of 2016,
Since then 7.4 million dollar has been approved. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson tells where the city is on the project. The Placedo Benvidez project will benefit residents in a few ways.
I spoke to the city about their plans for the project. “First thing Placedo Benevidez will do is relieve some traffic on that north corridor on n Navarro,” says O.C Garza, Director of Communications. Director of communications O.C. Garza explains how this project will relieve traffic jams on north Navarro.
“Allow drivers coming south on Navarro, to avoid the loop 463 intersection, cut left on what will be Placedo Benevidez all the way over to Salem and come down to loop 463,” explains Garza. One resident that didn’t want to give her name, agrees Navarro has a lot of traffic.
“We get so congested, you cant have a flow of traffic,” tells a Resident.
Garza says another benefit to this project will be the first design district, which will be discussed at city council tonight.
“It has different design standards, it will be all underground utilities, you want be able to use tall billboards, you just will be able to use monument signs, so it will be the type of look you see in other progressive cities like Austin ,Houston where they come in with these design standards that make a totally different look to that particular part of the city,” exclaims Garza.
Garza adds that there will be a hike and bike trail along Placedo Benevidez road.
“We have an eight foot hike and bike trail adjacent to it, the whole length of that Blvd,” adds Garza.
Garza thinks the new road will bring in more businesses.
“Right near the road you are going to see some retail development, right near the road its going to be a lot of traffic count there, its what everyone wants in terms of retail for Victoria. As you move further back away from the street you are probably going to get some commercial businesses as well,” declares Garza.
The next step is to listen to bids next week and Garza tells me the city plans to began construction by the end of this year. Garza says they look to have the project complete by the spring or summer of 2020.