City Council tables highly contested No Camping ordinance discussion until next month

Victoria City Council members decided to push the pause button on the No Camping ordinance.

All of the City Council members were in attendance for the second reading of the No Camping ordinance.

The night started off with many residents coming up during citizens communication to implore the council to vote against this ordinance.

“This is not a solution to ending homelessness, and end people needing to find a place to sleep,” explained Kim Pickens, advocate for the homeless.

Many of the speakers want council to slow down before making a decision. They’d rather see the city help create a safe place for the homeless.

“Any time you do something that is reactionary, you’re not really looking for a solution and you’re just looking to basically move something along. Anti Camping ordinance is not solving anything to do with homelessness, it’s just basically saying we just don’t want you right here.” Pickens elaborated.

Supporters of the ordinance were also in attendance, including Sandra Strickland who says this ordinance should be passed because the city has to start somewhere.

After ninety minutes, the council ultimately voted to table the discussion until September 17 th in order to get more information and more data regarding the homeless population.

“I’m glad that it was tabled in the respect that it gives people more time. I know that I have contacted my representative yesterday to let him know that I would like for him to vote it down. I think what was my frustration is to hear people on council say there is 67,000 people that we are representing and the thing is they forget that those people who are homeless are their representation as well,” Pickens concluded.

The council will resume the reading of the ordinance and the conversation on September 17th at 5 p.m.