City council approves transfer of HOT funds to Bootfest

VICTORIA, Texas-This year’s Bootfest ended with a reserve fund shortfall of more than $2,000. Bootfest, a country music festival, started in 2011 – and will be celebrating its tenth year running in October. On Tuesday evening, city council members unanimously voted to approve transferring $50,000 from Hotel Occupancy Tax funds to Bootfest.

Joel Novosad, Director of the Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau, shared the importance of being able to offer the Crossroads a free music festival.

“Well Bootfest is a very important event for the community, we feel it is a great event that brings the community together at the festival, a positive economic impact on the community, seeing thousands of people downtown, all the vendors,” Novosad said.

Jan Scott, City of Victoria councilwoman,  mentioned vendors being concerned about the continuation of Bootfest after 2019 but city leadership assured council members that the show will go on in 2020. They just have to decide closer to the summer if they want Bootfest to come back in 2021.

“I think Bootfest has been a great event, it’s been well done but you know, it’s been a few years into it, so it might be time to look at it,” Scott said.

Councilman Mark Loffgren suggested looking at other venues. “I know we’re just going to discuss dollars for Bootfest, but also I’d like to consider other venues for it,” Loffgren said.

However, City of  Victoria City Manager Jesus Garza, doubled down on the fact that most plans for Bootfest 2020 are set.

“So I just want to clarify that we are recommending that we proceed with Bootfest 2020, as we know it to be, and that any conversation about changing admission or location or transferring the funds anywhere else is not something that would take effect until the 2021 year,” Garza said. To send the City of Victoria feedback about what you’d like to see from Bootfest 2021, go here.