Citizens Medical Offering Open Enrollment This Saturday

Citizens Medical Center is wanting to help the public this weekend by signing up for health insurance. “What we are going to do is help people sit down and go through the application process on to see if they qualify for any type of insurance if they aren’t currently insured now,” said Jeanette Flores, Insurance Exchange Manager. For the ones who come out to the workshop, there is a good chance your insurance could be covered fully. “Based on their household size and income, a lot of them is qualifying for a tax credit which cover a good portion or if not all of the cost of the insurance,” said Flores.

The deadline for health insurance for 2017 is Tuesday January 31 and if you are not insured you will possibly face a penalty. “It went up to $695 a person or 2.5% of their household income,” said Flores. When you show up Saturday for the workshop, be sure to bring these important documents.
“You do need things like like their social security number for all family members in their household, date of birth and any kind of proof of income that they have,” said Flores.

This workshop is for the public 65 years and younger and it will be held at Citizens Medical Central Classroom from 10am- 2pm.