Citizens Hospital set to receive COVID-19 vaccine in a few weeks

Trials demonstrate 90% efficacy with vaccine

VICTORIA, Texas- Citizens Hospital is preparing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The trials that have been performed show about a 90 percent chance to reduce COVID-19 symptoms. The State of Texas is working with healthcare providers in our region to make sure they have enough room to store the vaccine.

“As of now, it looks like the two vaccines that are going to come to the market first are from Pfizer and Moderna. We do know that it looks like when we do have a shipment come to us that it will be earmarked for a specific population of people. Especially healthcare workers, first responders look like are in that first round of those being vaccinated as well as patients who are that are particularly at high risk and then as time goes on over the next few months that adding an additional people as we involve the general population,” said Daniel Cano, the Citizens Hospital Chief Medical Officer.

Cano says, Citizens Hospital does not have a confirmed date on when they will receive the COVID-19 vaccine but it should be ready within the next few weeks.