Citizens ER Expansion Project Approved

Victoria commissioners court working towards major expansion projects for the county.

After at least a year of monitoring a budget, Citizens Hospital, is now backed up by the county to begin an expansion of their emergency room beginning next year.

The entrance of Citizens emergency room will soon be under construction, that is to expand and become bigger.

“We’ve long recognized the need, and we’re finally able to get the project done, so we’re real happy about that.” says County Judge Ben Zeller.

Citizens Hospital will begin a $10 million project, that is now approved by the county commissioners, a proposal that was delayed due to budget

“At that time, we put the brakes on the discussion, so we can monitor the hospitals finances, in that time there has been a big turn around in financial performance.” adds Zeller.

The county will finance the $10 million in its name, essentially paying upfront. The hospital through its revenue will then reimburse the county for that expense.

“Our hospital is really one of our prize community assets both in terms of [a] medical provider but also as an employer in our area” says Zeller.

The project finances are under final review, but construction is expected to begin as early as January 2020.