Citizens Concerned over Game Rooms in City

Victoria City Council met Tuesday evening and citizens took to the stand to express their concern over game rooms in the city. Newscenter Griselda Perez spoke to one of them about what they hope can change.

“The citizens of Victoria are tired of it” says Will Martin, a Victoria resident and bingo advisory committee member. He brought his biggest concern to the table– alongside a with a group of about 15 people who filled the seats inside the council chamber.

“We don’t want them here not only do they make money off the citizens of Victoria, they are a magnet so it’s a lot of crime that goes on in those games rooms- that’s why their windows are tinted- they don’t want anyone looking in there” adds Martin.

There are currently 25 legal, licensed game rooms in Victoria. This is not the first time this issue that has been brought to the attention of the city.

“I get feedback from the public, a lot of them don’t like the activities surrounding game rooms. Our job it to make sure they are in compliance with the law” says Mayor Paul Polasek.

However, citizens expressed their discomfort with the existing situation and ask the council to act quicker.

“i have children and grandchildren in this town, and i do not want, and i think the citizens of Victoria do not want this type of criminal activity going on here,that’s been going on with impunity for too long- the city council need to address this now” says Martin.

In August city council did adopt a moratorium to prohibit new licenses for game rooms.

“There are a lot of game rooms in Victoria and we recently we decided to impose a moratorium to and not grant any new licenses to game rooms- so there will be some changes recommended before the end of the year.” adds Polasek.