Citizen-led lawsuit against Formosa Plastics advances

We first reported on the community-led lawsuit against the mega Point Comfort company Formosa Plastics last month. This case will be tried next month, however in the meantime, there are many disagreements as to what will be shown as evidence.

A recent fine of more than $120,000 was issued to Formosa Plastics by the state of Texas on 6 different violations– however that is not the only lawsuit in sight according to Amy Johnson, lead attorney for this case calling the company to stop the dumping of plastic pellets.

“We’ve removed those violations from our lawsuit, and our lawsuit involves 100’s of violations that they’ve discharged not just where TCEQ says” Johnson adds.

According to the recent filing made on February 14th, this group led by Amy agreed on a protective order, meaning the company could withhold paperwork if considered business confidential. But now, this group says the definition of that order is changing.

“There are a lot of documents and emails that we believe have been mislabeled confidential- what we’ve requested that right before the trial we have a hearing on the specifics documents we want to use so that they can be used publicly.” Johnson explains.

Documents claimed confidential seem more about public embarrassment adds Amy as it was written in the plaintiff’s summary. She claims this should not be hidden from the public.

“If you go to Cox’s creek you can see it all over the place, and so for the public to understand what the company has done to their community, I think it’s pretty important.” she adds.

Newscenter 25 has previously reached out to Formosa Plastics for comment on this specific lawsuit. Their response has been,

“Due to the nature of a lawsuit, we are unable to provide a comment at this time..”