Church collaboration hosts ‘Ashes To Go’ on Ash Wednesday

CUERO- Ash Wednesday marks the start of lent, which runs until Easter. Catholics and other Christians traditionally have cross-shaped ashes applied to their foreheads during a church service. However, in a world of convenience, a group of Cuero churches offered ashes drive-thru style.

“All of us are out here being foolish for Christ to remind the public of what’s happening in this holy season,” said Rev. Bill Cotman, First Presbyterian Church.

For the third year, pastors from seven area churches perched along Highway 183 to remind drivers traveling through about the holy season. They called it ‘Ashes To Go’.

“Well it’s pretty exciting and refreshing to see people take the time to stop,” said Donna Martin, Cuero First United Methodist Church.

Cotman said he’s noticed a decline in the number of people driving through to receive ashes since starting the curbside service in 2015, but says he still enjoys doing it.

“That’s when the Eagle Ford was much busier. We used to climb on 18-wheelers and that’s not the case this year.”

During the event, which lasted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., pastors placed more than 200 ash markings on people traveling by.