Christmas tree shortage may affect the season

It’s the time of year that folks start decorating their homes for the holiday…and one of the most iconic decorations is the Christmas tree. unfortunately, Texas is having a shortage. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with a Christmas tree farmer about this issue. You’re right there is a shortage of Christmas trees like this one here and tree farmer Archie Abrmeit says the reason is simple. People want the real deal.
“They want a live tree or a real tree. The national Christmas tree association has a slogan that says its Christmas keep it real. I think that’s promoted the trees,” says Archie Abrameit, Owner of Abrameit tree farm.
There is a Christmas tree shortage nationwide and i came to Luling to speak with a tree farmer about whats causing this issue. He says it boils down to supply and demand.
“We had that sort of increased the demand and we just don’t have the supply to meet the demand which is a good situation to be in because there has been times we had more supply than demand and therefore we are operating in a loss situation,” explains Abrameit. Mr. Archie asks people to be patience because part of the reason why there is a tree shortage, is it takes about 7 years for these to grow.
“its just a matter of nature, it takes time. Our seedlings that we get are about a foot tall and grow about a foot per year. It just a matter of a year or two of being a low supply and the supply will pick up in future years and more trees will be available,” tells Abrameit. Abrameit tells me the shortage will increase the prices of trees this year.
Abrameit wants consumers to exercise patience because he believes the shortage wont always last.