Christmas in Nordheim brings on the holiday spirit

A small community continues to share annual tradition

NORDHEIM, Texas – Since 1985, the Friends of Nordheim have hosted Christmas in Nordheim for community members and those in the surrounding areas. This year, the Friends of Norheim active members — Joyce Warwas, Ronda Voelkel, Roberta Hale, Bettie Stehling, Roxanne Schuenemann Pam Remmers, Ronnie Pfiefer. Patricia Garcia and Kathryn Garcia — were eager to present the event.

Christmas in Nordheim is an annual event where a Christmas tree is donated from Santa’s Farm and lit up in the middle of town, beginning the holiday season. This year, Santa Claus also rode in on a fire truck to greet families and take pictures with children.

The Nordheim High School class of 2022 was on-site hosting a chili dinner for attendees. Mary Castillo cooked the chili, this year, for the seniors.

The Nordheim Historical Museum also hosted its annual Christmas Market. Vendors were located inside Broadway Bar & Grill. The Broadway Bar & Grill is normally closed on Sundays, but they opened their business as courtesy of the event.

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Vendors were located in Broadway Bar & Grill with hand-crafted items for sale.

Coffee, hot chocolate, baked goods, Nordheim history and cookbooks were available at the event. The vendors were also selling many hand-crafted items, including jewelry, for early Christmas shopping.

Coach Williams shares his experience with Christmas in Nordheim

Nordheim Coach Carlton Williams has lived in Nordheim for fifteen years now. Ever since moving to Nordheim, he has seen Friends of Norheim host the annual event. He said community members put up the tree in the middle of town during the afternoon prior to the event.

“It’s a good time to see all of the community come together and talk,” said Williams. “It’s nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while.”

According to Williams, the high school band used to perform at the event. This year, there was no band performance because the high school no longer has a band.

Friends of Nordheim officer shares success

Friends of Nordheim Officer Betty Stehling was walking around at the event greeting visitors. Members of the small community were laughing and talking, as Christmas music played in the background.

“I think this year was a success,” said Stehling. “Everyone was ready to get out and enjoy the festivities.”

You can find a Facebook Live video on Crossroads Today’s Facebook page. Santa Claus is seen riding in on a fire truck, while children wait to take pictures. You can also see the Christmas tree light up for visitors.