Christmas at the Zoo has offically kicked off with Santa

With December here, Christmas is now in full swing all over Victoria. The Texas Zoo has opened up their Christmas at the Zoo event where they turn the zoo into a Christmas walkway every weekend until December 23rd.

“We’re trying to promote our conservation and our education parts so that we can help out a lot of animals. We’re heavily involved in ocelots conservation specifically because there’s not a lot of them left,” said volunteer Santa.

At the moment, the Texas Zoo is mainly focused on conserving ocelots as there are only 80 of them left in Texas. Events like this one allows them to shine some light on the news.

Many children came out to enjoy the first day of walking around the zoo and interacting with the animals. Parents came out to enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies with their family. Being so close to the animals excites the children and their interactions.

“I thought it was really special seeing all the animals interact with each other seeing what nature has brought to us,” said visitor peter Rios.

Some even stopped by on their way home after their holiday break to let the family get up close with the animals.

“We’ve been in Port Aransas on holiday so were driving back to Houston, so we’re just here visiting on the way back to break up the journey and give the kids a chance to stretch their legs,” said visitor Tom Hales, who knew his children would enjoy the animals.

The zoo wants to conserve the animals as well as the education aspect while children are visiting the zoo this Christmas season.