Child cancer activist gets behind the camera with Newscenter 25

Abigail Arias stole the hearts of Victoria law enforcement officers this week when she came to accept two llama chairs on behalf of the Freeport Police Station. We first met Abigail on Wednesday at a special event at Kamin Furniture.

The seven-year-old was deputized by the Freeport Police station in February and since has been deputized by other law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Texas Rangers and CIA.
After interviewing Abigail about her fight against cancer, the relentless, young activist from Angleton, south of Houston, got behind the camera and asked reporter Carolina Astrain some questions of her own.

Abigail’s next stop is the Midland Sheriff’s Department and then she’ll go onto a trip funded by the Beverly Woods Hunting and Fishing Foundation to Indiana. To follow her journey, visit the Facebook Page, Abigail Arias – Officer 758’s Cancer Fight.