Chick-Fil-A hosts the Winter Blood Drive in honor of National Blood Donor Month

Chick Fil-A gives away a free sandwich with each blood donation

VICTORIA, Texas–Chick- Fil- A held a blood donation drive with South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Friday afternoon.

There were many community members walking in to help and donate some blood. To pay back these giving people, Chick-Fil- A offered a free Chick- Fil- A sandwich once you donate.

Donating blood means a lot to many.  One donor, Melissa Olivarez,  knows how important it is to give blood. A few years ago her father needed a life-saving blood transfusion. Now she is here donating blood with the intention to help others. She believes now is a time where more people need it than ever. 

“It’s so important because more people are on the road and more accidents are occurring and just the propensity in the need for blood is so great,” said  blood donor Melissa Olivarez.

People look forward to donating because they know what a difference it makes and want people to know that it actually saves lives.

“Well I make my living as a paramedic so I see the need for blood donations almost on a daily occurrence that’s the only way we can get blood for patients who need it so everyone that could donate should donate as often as they can,” said blood donor,  Darren Hornstein.

The first week of January marks the start of National Blood Donor Month.