Chick-Fil-A honors four employees with leadership scholarship

Chick-Fil-A on Navarro surprised four of their employees with Chick-Fil-A leadership scholarships totaling $2,500 dollars each.

The employees — Jose Davis, Jaylynn Flores, Madison Nieto and Christina Schoener — were chosen because they showed leadership qualities and academic achievement worthy of the award.

We spoke to one employee about what it means to be awarded the leadership scholarship.

“I’m really excited right now. It was really, like, shocking. It was just… I don’t know,” exclaimed Cashier Jaylynn Flores. “It’s just a blessing. I just… so unexpected! I was just coming into work, you know? Just gonna do my job and then this happened. It’s just so crazy. But, I’m really excited for it.”

Chick-fil-a says their investment in their employees goes beyond wages, with the company looking to help accomplish the dreams of their team members, whether they stay with the company or move on to a new career.