Charge dismissed in case of Refugio officer accused of pepper spraying infant

The Refugio officer still faces a felony charge

REFUGIO, Texas – District Judge, Kemper Williams, dismissed an official oppression charge after defense attorney, Eric Perkins, filed a motion to dismiss the charge. Prosecutors do not plan to reindict Jordan on the dismissed charge, instead, they will move forward.

Jordan still faces a felony charge of injury to a child after he was accused of pepper-spraying a three-day-old infant back in April.

“Count two, official oppression was quashed, it is no longer in pursuit, that leaves count one which was an injury to a child, a felony… we are still going forward on the felony case,” says Assistant District Attorney, Tim Poynter.

Jordan posted bond immediately after his arrest on April 8th and is currently on administrative leave without pay.

The trial is set for October 2021.

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