Ceremony Honors Veterans on Vietnam Veterans Day

Vietnam Veterans of America Victoria Chapter wanted to make sure all Vietnam Veterans felt loved and appreciated.



Victoria, Texas – Today is National Vietnam Veterans Day. there was a ceremony this morning at Patriot Park to recognize all veterans. Inside Patriot Park, is a pavilion dedicated to Vietnam Veterans. today that pavilion featured a ceremony complete with the pledge of allegiance, a prayer, a flag ceremony, and several speakers.

Ernest Montez, president of the Victoria Vietnam Vets of America, is pleased with the turnout, while veteran George Bigham says ceremonies like this are long overdue.

“And so we gather today to show appreciation to all the veterans that are here with hugs and shaking hands, to welcome back all our brothers,” said Montez.

“Finally we are getting the recognition, that we so long deserve,” said Bigham.

Montez says for a fifty dollar donation you can buy a brick with the name of a Vietnam Veteran on it. They’ll place
it inside the pavilion. About 50 people showed up to today’s ceremony.

If you would like to purchase a brick, call Ernest Montez at: 361-571-0697.