Census 2020 suspends door to door responses amid COVID- 19 outbreak

VICTORIA, Texas- Door to door knocking is one of the ways the U.S Census Bureau makes sure everyone is counted. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to social distancing. 

Stephen Buckner the assistant director of communications at the U.S. Census Bureau explains, “We’ve suspended that operation, and we’re hopefully trying to get [back] out there around the end of May time frame, but we’re not going to do it before we get the ‘all clear’ from local and national authorities.”

For now, the Census Bureau is urging people to fill out online, via the phone and by mail. The five-minute task, ensures you are accounted for the next 10 years.

“We do it for two primary reasons: you get all our political representation in congress based on your state’s population totals but also because billions and billions of dollars go back to state and local governments every single year for crucial services and infrastructure,” adds Buckner.

Mail-in questionnaires are going out April 8th through the 16th.  The Census Bureau urges a response as soon as possible but will accept responses into August. 

“All the information that is provided to the Census is completely confidential, we cannot share with any other government agency, no law enforcement agency has any access to your responses by law, and that’s protected,” Buckner concludes. 

As of March 30th, Texas reached only a 33.4% response rate.

You can head over to 2020census.gov to finalize your response.