‘Celebrating the Art of Black History’ event showcases local students’ artistic abilities

The event showcased student art as well as dance and song performances, and guest speakers to engage the youth.

VICTORIA, Texas – Cherylnn Shelton is a teacher at Stroman Middle School and wanted to host an event that engaged the youth and showcase their artistic abilities. So Saturday afternoon at the First United Methodist Church she hosted her event, ‘Celebrating the Art of Black History, Influential African American Leaders Program’, which showcased a variety of performances and speakers.

Some of today’s performers say that this event was a success and they were happy to help a beloved teacher.

“It was really good because we got to present ourselves for Miss Shelton, and we got to help her because she really needed the help….and represented Harriett Tubman, Wading in the Water,” says Yahira Hall, a student at Stroman who did a few dance performances at today’s event.

“We basically represented all the black people that helped us get here today,” says Treasia Scott, a student at Stroman who performed a dance.

Between the dance performances, the artwork that highlighted black history, and the speakers, Miss Shelton hopes this event resonates with her students.

“Trying to keep them off the street as much as I can, and let them get involved in stuff they like to do and they like to draw,” says Miss Shelton.

Kiarah Little and Tatiannah Tilley are also Stroman Middle School students who performed dances and songs at today’s event and feel that Black History Month is a time to celebrate.

“I really think it’s for our freedom, it’s like for even being here, it’s for our rights to do stuff, our rights to even be here and even celebrate Black History Month,” says Kiarah Little, who performed a dance and sang.

“It’s like for us to be represented and us to love each other and be here,” says Tatiannah Tilley who performed a dance.

Event organizer, Miss Shelton, says that she hopes to continue to do events like these geared towards the youth to help them to learn, grow, and to express themselves.