Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Recognizing women in sports

VICTORIA, Texas — To celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day is to realize how far we have come. Girls and women in sports have excelled through the years breaking many barriers especially in the professional sports world. As a woman, it is incredible to have the same status working in sports as my male counterparts.  A couple of local volleyball ladies shared their thoughts about Title IX and the importance of recognizing all of our hardships that led us into our accomplishments.

“It’s a struggle, sometimes in general we’re always put in positions where we feel uncomfortable or people think we can’t do it. So it’s definitely a blessing to be able to play in this day in age at the level that we compete,” said Anisa Martinez from the Victoria College volleyball team.

“When I grew up I didn’t see any female leaders at all and I feel like in my position now, I’m able to show these girls that women can be leaders and they can aspire to be just as good as we are. So I feel like it’s important to acknowledge this day, because it acknowledges the growth that we have come from the past and hopefully to continue,” said Allison Volkmer head volleyball coach at Victoria College.

It’s a great time to be a supporter of female athletes, coaches or referees. Ladies are stronger together and we should inspire one another to keep growing and pushing through all limits.