Caterpillar Is Now Storm Ready

Victoria – Being prepared is important when it comes to staying safe during severe weather, now a major area manufacturer has taken this seriously, by becoming Storm Ready.

John Metz with the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi, Richard Mcbrayer, Emergency Management Coordinator for Victoria, as well as member of Caterpillars Victoria plant management team, spoke at Tuesday mornings Economic Development partnership meeting, about how the Victoria plant has gained the recognition as a Storm Ready facility, as designated by the National Weather Service. Storm Ready means that their staff has been trained and educated on severe weather, and what to do if severe weather strikes. Metz said that the storm ready program is a tough one to achieve, and that Caterpillar passed with flying colors.

” They must have a written hazardous severe weather plan, sheltering they have created sheltering locations on all of the rest rooms in the entire facility, and then practicing safety throughout the year, and they have meet and exceeded all of these,” said Metz.

Storm Ready facilities and communities must be reevaluated every five years in order to keep the designation. Caterpillar Victoria now joins more than twenty five hundred storm ready communities and facilities in all fifty states across the country.