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American attendant accidentally drops drink on CEO

An American Airlines flight attendant says she was mortified when a passenger accidentally bumped her and she dropped a tray of drinks on her boss - CEO Doug Parker. Maddie Peters says she'd never spilled a drink on a passenger…

More than 50 animals dead after Texas petrochemical fire

Officials say more than 50 birds, turtles and other animals were found dead or died after last month's petrochemical plant fire that spilled contaminated products into the Houston Ship Channel. Cleanup and product removal continues in the waterway and the…

High rent got you down? Check out these cost-saving resources

Hurricane Harvey destroyed thousands of homes in August 2017, sending families on long, stressful searches for new places to live. Today, many of those families are still looking for affordable long-term apartments or short-term rentals while rebuilding their homes.

FDA warns against using teething jewelry

According to a recent warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), parents should avoid giving their infants teething bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry marketed for relieving tooth pain.