Vacant House fire reported at 1005 N. Cameron

Vacant House Fire

Newscenter25s David Gibson is on the scene of a vacant house fire. The call came in just before 4:30 a.m. at 1005 N. Cameron. That is near E. Rio Grande St. and N. Navarro St. Stay with #Sunrise for the latest reports.  

Birthday wishes February 7, 2019

Happy Birthday Abbi Rocha! And Happy Birthday to Damian, Ana Jo, Divine, Jesse, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock and Garth Brooks. Email your wish here. 

Medical Marijuana Uses

Another new study finds the most common use for medical marijuana ... is to treat chronic pain. Researchers collected data from states where medical marijuana is legal ... to see why people are using the drug. 85 percent of medical…

Drug bust in Halletsville

Halletsville Drug Bust

Halletsville Police say they found over 20 lbs. of marijuana, THC liquid cartridges, and a shot gun inside the vehicle. 

Used Car Prices are Falling, According to a New Report

In the market for a late model used car? A new report by J.D. Power, wholesale prices for used cars and trucks are falling. That means dealerships can offer mark downs and still make money.. and consumers can find better…

Thursday's Question of the Day

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