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Why exercise won't make you lose weight

There's no shortage of things people swore to leave behind in 2018: bad jobs, bad relationships, bad habits. But chances are, you're beginning 2019 with something you didn't intend: a few extra pounds.

See the historic new Congress arrive on Capitol Hill

The 116th Congress officially convened Thursday. In this new Congress, Democrats have taken control of the US House of Representatives, while Republicans continue to hold their majority in the US Senate. Dozens of senators and representatives made historic firsts as they were sworn in.

Amelia Earhart would have a hard time disappearing in 2019

When Amelia Earhart took off in 1937 to fly around the world, people had been flying airplanes for only about 35 years. When she tried to fly across the Pacific, she -- and the world -- knew it was risky. She didn't make it, and was declared dead in January 1939. In the 80 years since then, many other planes have been lost around the world and never found again -- including the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, over the Indian Ocean.

Elizabeth Warren hires Obama's chief digital strategist

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has hired Barack Obama's former chief digital strategist to help lead her emerging 2020 presidential campaign and has also recruited a Democratic operative with deep experience in Southern politics ahead of a long primary.

Stay safe while staying warm

Deadliest time of the year for house fires

The wintry blast of cold air has Texans turning on space heaters and fireplaces in an attempt to keep warm, but homeowners should beware of the possible dangers with sources of heat near clothing, flammable materials, and any leftover Christmas decorations. 

Famous herd of wild ponies stalked by deadly disease

Shadow befriended an older stallion named Rainbow Warrior who had been alone for a long time. Essie became a mother again in 2018. And then there's RainDancer, short for Kachina's Shenandoah Raindancer. At 6 months old, she was all legs and as cute as a button.

Retired NFL players form curling team with Olympic aspirations

Jared Allen spent 12 years in the NFL terrorizing quarterbacks with 136 career sacks, 11th all-time in league history. A four-time All Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, Allen is likely a Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate when he becomes eligible in 2021.