Pet of The Week for Fri-Yay 9-24-21

Adopt Sabine

  Today is Fri-Yay, and here on Sunrise that means it's also time for Pet of The Week.  A segment where we highlight a couple of shelter pets here in…

Calhoun County opens new Humane Society facility

The new facility took almost 10 years to build and cost close to half a million dollars

PORT LAVACA, Texas - After nearly 10 years and a price tag of almost half a million dollars, the new Calhoun County Humane Society had its grand opening today.…

Heads up! To avoid danger, keep your dog’s head inside the car

Rare is the pooch who doesn’t love a road trip. For most dogs, the best part of the trip is sticking their fuzzy heads out the window to feel the breeze and smell all the great scents. In spite of how great it feels, allowing your pup to put his head out the window while you’re driving is actually very dangerous, for a variety of reasons.

Pet of The Week for Fri-Yay 9-17-21

Adopt Bob

  Today is Fri-Yay, and here on Sunrise that means it's also time for Pet of The Week.  A segment where we highlight a couple of shelter pets here in…

Should he stay or should he go? Deciding whether to take your pooch along on your road trip

Your dog is family, so it's only natural to want to enjoy his company all the time, and take him along everywhere possible. However, the decision to travel with a pet - particularly on an extended road trip - is one that requires a good deal of consideration. There are several questions you should ask yourself before loading Rover up in the car, and all of them involve ensuring your pet's ultimate comfort and well-being.

When it comes to business, it’s pet friendly for the win

For businesses, the way to the heart of many Americans just may be through their pets. With pet parenting on the rise, and people spending even more time, affection, and money on their pets, pleasing pet parents is a solid way for businesses to gain an edge. Pet parents love businesses who love their furry kids, and they’re willing to spend a little more and go a little further out of their way to show their appreciation. That means there are a number of different ways businesses can win with this large and growing demographic.

City Council: Concerned pet owners speak out against proposed animal ordinance

Several concerned citizens spoke out against the proposed animal ordinance at the Special City Council meeting.

VICTORIA, Texas - On Tuesday, Aug. 31, the Victoria City Council held a special meeting. During their meeting, they continued their open discussion about the animal related city code ordinance. This proposal included code section 4-32, which limits the number…

Operation Kindness transports pets to safety

Ahead of Hurricane Ida; Needs community support for adoptions and donations

DALLAS, Texas - Operation Kindness, the leading lifesaving animal shelter in North Texas, is dedicated to keeping animals safe. They provide animals with an opportunity…

Potential changes to Victoria's animal ordinance concerns pet owners

One pet owner expresses strong concern over potential pet limits in Victoria.

VICTORIA, Texas - Pet owners express concern over the city's animal and fowl ordinance, proposing the possibility of limiting households to a set number of pets. City attorney Thomas Gwosdz explains…

Organization that saves animals in Afghanistan trying to leave safely

Nowzad, a non-profit that reunites animals with U.S. military service members is now trying to get their staff and animals to safety

KABUL, Afghanistan - Nowzad, a non-profit organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan has reunited cats and dogs that once roamed the streets of Afghanistan with military service members who befriended the animals. As…

Pet of The Week for Fri-Yay 8-20-21

Adopt Birba

VICTORIA, Texas - Today is Fri-Yay, and here on Sunrise that means it's also time for Pet of The Week.  A segment where we highlight a couple of shelter…

What to expect on Community Crossroads

This week on Community Crossroads

VICTORIA, Texas - Here's a look at what to expect on Community Crossroads ... we may show you a move or two of yoga. So, get ready! We learn about…