Surprising places where your pooch can shop with you

If you’re like many pet parents, bringing your furkid along on a shopping trip would be the perfect way to spend a day. While many big-name chain stores have a "service dogs only" policy, you may be surprised to know that a number of them will in fact allow you to shop with your Shih-Tzu or browse with your bulldog. 

30 great dog breeds for seniors

Do you hope to travel with a small dog? Do you wish to remain active and want a dog that can run and hike long distances? Do you want an affectionate companion that will be safe around younger family members? 

Great Social Media Groups for Adventurers and their Pets!

Love taking epic adventures with your pet? Looking for ideas, tips, and like-minded adventurers? Social media groups can provide all that, and more; however, not all social media groups are created equal. We went on a search for the most helpful, popular, and fun online pet adventure groups, and we’ve dug up some real gems!

A 10-year-old boy was attacked by the family dog

VICTORIA-Texas, -----A 10-year-old boy was attacked by the family dog on Monday, December 28th. Jose Flores, the Chief Animal Control Officer for Victoria County says, the child went to give the German Shepherd some food, as he turned around to…

K9 officer's prognosis for cancer treatment is good

Fayette County Sheriff's Office provides update on K9 Officer Lobos

FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas - K9 officer Lobos is a legend in Fayette county. Recently he spent a week in Texas A&M’s veterinary hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. Lobos is known for the hundreds of millions of dollars in…

Paws for Cause: Annual Pet-Friendly Events Across the U.S. that Give Back

Every year, pet-friendly events are hosted throughout the United States, which combine fundraising for animal welfare organizations with pet-centric fun for pet parents and their furkids!  These annual events not only raise much needed  funds for pets in need, they also provide pets and their people with a unique experience!  Two and four-legged attendees get together to mix, mingle, bond, and have fun - all for a great cause!  Here’s our list of some of the best. 

Gobble Gobble! Ensuring Your Pooch is on his Best Behavior this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may be planning get-togethers with family and friends, albeit on a smaller scale this year.  However, whether there are 4 or 40 guests gathered ‘round the table, your four-legged family member may not be ready for the festivities.  New people, shuffling around, loud talking and laughter, and extra activities can often combine to tempt your pup into misbehaving.  So, it’s best if you're prepared, before your furkid grabs Uncle Ted’s turkey, jumps up on Grandma, or tips over the trash!

Have Cat, Will Travel! Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy

While most pet travelers are typically dogs, there is an increasing number of road trippers of the feline persuasion packing up and adventuring with their people. Staying at pet-friendly hotels is clearly an essential part of the trip -- and it’s the number one issue that concerns cat parents. Clearly, there are some unique nuances when staying in pet-friendly hotels with cats versus dogs.

Enjoy “Barktoberfest”: Bring Your Pooch to the Country’s Best Breweries!

This year, instead of just celebrating Oktoberfest, think... Barktoberfest!  Sampling great brews is a huge part of Oktoberfest fun, and breweries are some of the pet-friendliest places around. Not sure where to go? We’ve made a list of the best pet-friendly breweries in the country, so bring your pup, grab a pint, and celebrate this traditional Bavarian festival together!

Dog is My Co-Pilot: Tips for Taking a Road Trip Alone with Your Furkid

Adventuring is always more fun when shared with your pup -- especially if the two of you are going it alone. Taking a solo trip with your pet does require a little extra foresight and preparation, but if you plan wisely, and anticipate your pet’s needs, you and your best furry bud will have an enjoyable, stress-free road trip. To help you along, here are our tips to ensure your trip is happy and safe.