6 Ways PPP Loans Have Gotten Easier

Paycheck Protection Program funds will reopen to all PPP lenders next week, and with this latest round comes yet another version of guidance aimed at providing clarity to a program that has proven anything but clear for small business owners. There are some notable changes to the program first approved by Congress last spring to […]

Who Needs Schengen Visa Insurance?

Passport-holding American citizens can travel to 26 European countries for less than a 90-day stay without first obtaining a visa. But many other people must get a visa before entering the 26 countries that make up Europe’s Schengen Area. For example, citizens of China, India and Russian must get Schengen visas in order to travel […]

How To Buy Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are investing vehicles that buy a very wide range of individual securities, like stocks and bonds. Buying one share of a mutual fund instantly diversifies your holdings, and this easy diversification makes them a favorite of both financial advisors and regular investors. Here’s what you need to know to start buying mutual funds. […]

Charting The First 100 Days Of 6 Presidents

President-elect Joe Biden has a tricky 100 days ahead of him. The 46th president of the United States will have a narrow majority in both chambers of Congress, after running on the most progressive economic platform in modern history. His plans call for trillions in infrastructure spending, massive increases in Social Security and health insurance […]

How To Find A Qualified Life Insurance Advisor

All life insurance agents are not the same. Life insurance policies can be complex, so depending on your needs, you need an insurance agent who is qualified to help you find the right policy. Your agent should also be committed to providing ongoing service. There are two main types of insurance agents: Captive agents. These […]