Crestwood drive project continues, expect more street developments this week

On Monday, April 12, the city will ease onto phase two of their Crestwood reconstruction project.

  VICTORIA, Texas - This $11 million dollar reconstruction project started July 22, 2019. The project's expected upgrades and yearly budget will allow everyone to travel around the city easier. Since roads will not have asphalt pavement anymore, instead…

The Pros And Cons Of IRA CDs

An individual retirement account (IRA) is a great way to supplement your retirement savings. An IRA gives you valuable tax advantages when you invest in securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds—and it’s not tethered to an employer, like other retirement plans. You might not know it, but you can also invest IRA funds in […]

Gary Gensler Nominated To Lead The SEC. What Does That Mean For You?

Bernie Sanders wasn’t having it. Just a few months into President Barack Obama’s first term, the junior senator from Vermont appeared on the left-wing television news show Democracy Now to voice his displeasure with Obama’s pick to run the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). “I don’t believe that we need more of the same old […]

Show Me The Receipts: Appealing A Travel Insurance Claim Denial

If you receive a denial for a travel insurance claim, the first thing to do is carefully read your policy. Check the list of exclusions, especially, as this may shed light on the denial reason. If you have questions, call the travel insurance company. If you feel the denial was wrong or unfair, you have […]

5 Reverse Mortgage Pros And Cons

If you’re a homeowner at or near retirement age, you’ve probably seen plenty of TV commercials or heard ads on the radio about reverse mortgages. These loans can sound pretty appealing, especially if most of your net worth is tied up in your home. But there are some definite downsides, too. If you’ve been considering […]