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Promise Point Giving to the Homless

Promise point is a non profit organization whose purpose is to provide permanet affordable housing and a supportive community for chronically homeless in Victoria.Newscenter 25's David Gibson spoke with them at the home product show and tells us how they…

No Injuries Reported in House Fire

UPDATE:Victoria County Fire Marshall Richard Castillo says the cause of the fire is still under investigation but preliminary reports indicate the fire started in the center of the attic.He adds it looks to be an accidental fire. Around 1 Saturday…

Daule School Donation Spanning Across The World

We first introduced you to Daule School alumni Viola Holman back in April. Founded in Cuero in 1892 Holman's vision was to re purpose the school into a community center. Friday Newscenter 25's David Gibson spoke to her again about…

Drug bust in Halletsville

Halletsville Drug Bust

Halletsville Police say they found over 20 lbs. of marijuana, THC liquid cartridges, and a shot gun inside the vehicle.