Home and Garden

Succulents in sand

Tiny succulents are hearty enough to be around for weeks, if not months. Pair them with plain white sand in a glass jar or vessel and you have a beautiful accent piece for your home.

Removable wallpaper

Wallpaper remains a hot trend. Not sure you want to take the plunge? Try using a removable or temporary wallpaper.

Mirrors as a headboard

Whether you are using mirrors horizontally to widen a space, vertically to add height or in a grid pattern to mimic windows, this is a great way to bounce light and color in a space.

High-end kitchens

Many people enjoy top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, but only to an extent. New Jersey-based retailer Designer Appliances says on its blog that not all homes will see an increase in resale value simply because of updated appliances. This could happen if it isn’t in a high-end market.

Gathering again? Gifts to wow and thank your host

The weather has warmed up, a lot of vaccines have gotten into a lot of arms, and many of us are getting ready to gather with friends (following all CDC safety guidelines) for the first time in well over a year.