VIDEO: Ditch the dreaded ‘dad bod'

Cleveland Clinic's Dan Allan, M.D., said weight gain, especially in the abdomen – is more than just a physique problem – it can lead to real health concerns.

Vaccine exemptions in Texas rise for 15th year

A Texas Department of Health Services report shows the number of people in the state who chose to not immunize their children for non-medical reasons has jumped this past school year despite a record-breaking measles outbreak in the U.S. The…

Uptick in youth suicides linked to TV show

New research shows the release of the television series ‘13 Reasons Why’ was associated with an increase in youth suicide rates in just one month following the show's debut. 

Celebrities who are surprisingly related

Family trees are often full of surprises, but nowhere more than with celebrities. Join us for a surprising look at which stars have other stars for cousins, uncles, aunts and beyond.

CDC sees possible link between opioids and birth defect

Health officials are looking into a possible link between prescription opioids and a horrific birth defect. Babies born with the defect have their intestines hanging outside the stomach, due to a hole in the abdominal wall. Surgery is often needed…