Community Crossroads

Community Crossroads welcomes the Girl Scout Cookie Princess

Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller

Eat 'em, freeze 'em, it's Girl Scout Cookie Season. On Community Crossroads this weekend you'll meet Emily Mayer Bain, the Cookie Princess of 2018. Emily sold 2103 boxes of Girl Scout cookies last year. Her goal this year is 800 boxes. We'll also do a taste test to weed out any fake girl scout cookies on the market. 

Community Crossroads welcomes The Victoria House of Palms

Victoria House of Palms helps pregnant teens

The Victoria House of Palms is helping pregnant teens in our area. Community Crossroads also welcomesAuthor Doris Rangel, The Victoria Police Department with its Civilian Police Academy, and Halftime Sports Bar and Grill for Bloody Mary Day January 1, 2019.

Community Crossroads welcomes Brogger's Squad

Community Crossroads wishes Brogger well

Brogger's Squad came about to support Victoria Police Officer David Brogger who's battling cancer. The group keeps his family and friends updated on a Facebook page and they had a fundraising eventlast weekend. 

Community Crossroads welcomes Santa

Community Crossroads is asking Santa questions

Community Crossroads has Santa of the Victoria Mall on the show. Victoria Beauty College is on about its toy drive. Victoria College has another community leader who made community college part of his journey. Hermann Sons Life is having a Celebration of Recovery as residents recover from Hurricane Harvey. 

Community Crossroads welcomes John Quiñones

This week ABC's John Quiñones was guest speaker at the Victoria College Lyceum Lecture Series. He invited students to dream big and make education a priority. More than 1200 people attended the eve...

Community Crossroads welcomes Victoria College

Victoria College is in over the next few months to talk about a new awareness campaign. You'll meet many local leaders who made community college part of their journey. To learn more about Victoria...