April Military Hero

Private First Class Army Veteran Harold Slavik is your Military Hero for the month of April.

Harold Slavik is your Military Hero for the month of April. Standing at nearly 6’1” as an eighth-grader Harold excelled at sports, from baseball, basketball, volleyball, and track. He stayed busy not just…

Police: Bicyclist causes crash on Navarro

Bicyclist accused of public intoxication

VICTORIA, Texas - On Wednesday, Feb. 9, around 5:30 p.m. a bicyclist caused a crash in the 4300 block of Navarro St, Victoria Police said. When officers with the Victoria…

TxDOT tips for driving in winter conditions

Texas Department of Transportation has a few tips for you to stay safe while driving this winter.

VICTORIA, Texas - The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has safety advice for driving in hazardous winter road conditions. In a state as large as Texas, winter driving conditions…

Victoria tow companies pay for fellow wrecker service owner's funeral

Several local tow companies came together to pay for Pete McClaughertly's funeral, an Army Veteran who owned his own wrecking service in Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas - Pete McClaughertly was an Army Veteran and owner of Cardinal Wrecking Services in Victoria eventually making his way to Level 23 Master Tower,…

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags For 2021

The best saddlebags fit your motorcycle and destination. So check out our roundup for saddlebags, panniers, or hard case bags and take it all with you on the ride.

Cannonball Bike Run makes stop in Victoria

The group of 100 motorcyclists are taking their vintage bikes across the country

VICTORIA, Texas - The Motorcycle Cannonball caravan event had all of their vintage motorcycles on display in the Victoria Mall parking lot. The group made up of 100 riders, used motorcycles that were…

Best electric cars for 2021

Long regarded as novelties with limited range and glacial recharging times, mass-market EVs have finally crossed the tipping point in the value and cost equation.

Best Hybrid Cars For 2021

With EVs merging into the mainstream at an unprecedented pace, traditional hybrids have ceded some of their headline status as the green vehicles du jour. Regardless, hybrids continue to provide some of the most fuel-efficient transportation available, often at a price just incrementally higher than their standard non-hybrid counterparts. Thanks to ongoing improvements in battery […]

Best All-Season Tires for 2021

The day-to-day grind puts tires to the ultimate test. Here are five all-season tires with top ratings for durability and comfort, even in extreme conditions.

Best Lug Nuts For 2021

New lug nuts instantly improve the look of custom wheels, and even some factory ones, and reduce roadside issues in case of a flat tire. Here are our top picks.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaners For 2021

Fuel injector cleaners remove buildup inside worn or older injectors. They're an easy, and cheap, way to restore performance and fuel economy while prolonging engine life.