Cat found harmed on Crestwood, then rescued by woman

Woman rescues harmed cat

VICTORIA, Texas – On Friday, March 4, a good Samaritan found a cat who was extremely wounded on Crestwood Dr., close to Stroman middle school. In order to get the cat treated, he called the Crossroads Nexus clinic, who then referred him to Megan Driver. He found her on Facebook and then sent her photos of the cat and his fatal condition.

“And with the pictures. Immediately, I knew this cat needed attention. I mean, his entire left side of his face is just completely gone,” said Driver.

So they met together to get the cat treated at the hospital. Driver says Dr. Mark suspects the cat was originally shot, leaving him with his face was cut off. Yin Yang’s physical features show he had a previous owner.

“His coat was extremely healthy. He looked very well fed, he was not missing any meals for sure. I mean he wasn’t fat by no means and he was obviously taken care of, besides being neutered,” she said.

Now that the cat is left astray, Driver says this situation could have been easily preventable if the cat was spayed, neutered, and if the owner was responsible.

“In our county of Victoria, but also surrounding counties strays have become an issue. Over pet population is a thing and our shelters are overwhelmed with the abundance that we have,” she explained.

While this problem has been apparent in Victoria for the past ten years, she’s seen a recent increase.

“But there’s more now. So you’re seeing shooting of animals, you’re seeing poisonous animals. Whatever they need to do to get rid of these animals,” she observed.

Driver’s message from this experience is for everyone to know that pet owners are responsible for their livelihood of their pets.

“As a pet owner, we are responsible for them and their lives, in taking care of them properly,” she said.

Driver is accepting donations to cover for the cat’s vet bills. Yin Yang is in stable condition, his eye is healing, and the swelling has gone down. Throughout this rough journey, he’s been sweet the entire time. Yin Yang’s expected recovery is going well, finally eating and drinking on his own. Plus he’s able to breath through his mouth. Overall, Yin Yang’s expected recovery will last for six weeks and then he will return home to Driver.

Driver’s shelter name is Saving Animal Lives 24/7. You can send donations to help cover Yin Yang’s veterinarian bills via PayPal, Venmo @SavingAnimalLives24-7, Snail Mail PO BOX 311 Bloomington Tx, 77951 or call the vet at 361-575-3692.