Carrie Fisher Remembered in the Crossroads

When the first star wars film premiered in 1977 it was the beginning of a pop culture phenomenon that would lay the ground work for women in the Sci-Fi genre.

“Such a big deal in the Sci-Fi world because we had Disney princesses and stuff like that but we never really had a big female icon like that,” Hons said.

Bryan Hons is a co-organizer of Victoria’s Comic Con and says it was because of Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia that we now have women leading action movies on the silver screen.

“We are seeing new characters pop up every day even in the new Force Awakens movie we have Rey and we have Wonder Woman coming out with her own movie so I think she was definitely the reason that opened those doors,” Hons said.

With more star wars movies in the works Bryan hopes they can honor Carrie Fisher and do her character justice.

“I hope they got the story line done with her character because it’s just going to be sad if we are not going to see the story wrapped up that will be the worst thing for all the star wars fans out there,” Hons said.