Cards for the Border: Local Community Groups Aid Immigrants

Local community groups are coming together in hopes of raising funds to help those most in need at our southern border.

Pastor Cheryl Kester-Schmidt spent her afternoon sorting. Sorting through both small and large donations of numerous gift cards– their destination will be just south of us, to charities helping immigrants.

“These are our brothers and sister, they may not look like us, but they have the same hopes and dreams we have for our children and so it is important to be Christ [like] in those communities.” she says.

After the “border crisis” that fill our news headlines, showing hundreds of immigrants stopped at the US- Mexico border, and some ending in less than desirable places that are not equipped for essential care, charities are a place many turn to after being released from government holding.

“The people that they are serving are already vetted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, these charities are the first stop for that.” states Pastor Kester-Schmidt ​

The Sisters of Incarnate Word, Promise Pointe and the Islamic Center are just a few of the community groups who together hope to send more monetary help for the hurting community.

“Now we send these off for the hands that will becoming Christs’ hands for the people who are coming to this country.”

Donations totaled just over $2,000 for this first round of cards, volunteers will be accepting cards until the end of August.

“We all come from immigrants, asylum seekers, and so we are to do what God has told us to do.” says Pastor Kester-Schmidt .


We are in contact with shelters in Brownsville, McAllen, San Juan. Laredo, and Eagle Pass. Currently these border towns all are receiving 200 to 300 people daily seeking asylum and/or refugee as permitted under current U,S. law. While these shelters are funded by various churches, groups and individuals; significant needs remain.


You can stop by our local HEB, Walmart, and/or any department store, pick up one of their store’s gift cards, and drop it off at one of these locations in Victoria. .

· Promise Pointe – 8550 Hwy 59

· Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Convent – 1101 NE Water Street

· People of Hope – 108 Cherrystone Circle 77904

· Christ the Victor Lutheran Church – 202 Stanley Street

· Islamic Center – 201 E Airline Road

Or if you prefer, you may mail your donation to:

Cards for the Border, 108 Cherrystone Circle, Victoria, TX 77904

Check out “Cards for the Border” Facebook page for updates: