Candidates were still campaigning on election day

Election day
Pattie Dodson Public Health Center on March1, 2022

Pattie Dodson Public Health Center on March 1, 2022

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, March 1, both candidates running for the Victoria county clerk position were still campaigning outside of the Dr. Pattie Dodson Public Health Center. Incumbent Heidi Easley faces Brandy Schustereit. Throughout the afternoon, the two candidates were holding out signs outside of the building, trying to motivate people to vote.

Heidi Easley said she she feels like she’s ran a clean race.

“My opponent and I, we talked earlier today and neither of has any hard feelings about anything. We feel like we’ve run a clean race and I think that’s the most you can hope for,” she said.

While she is a little nervous and anxious to find out the results, she is putting it in God’s hands.

“Well there’s always the nervousness and there’s always a little bit of anxiousness, but whatever way this race goes. I know that God has a plan for me and whatever that is. I’ll see it through,” she said.

Easley said that Pattie Dodson Public Health Center has been full on election day.

“It’s always an adventure. You never know where the crowds are going to be at. It’s packed in here right now at the Pattie Dodson. Just, you never know what’s going to turn out,” she said.

Brandy Schustereit felt it was a good day for people to go out and vote.

“Today could not have been a more perfect day for voters to get out. It has been beautiful. The response has been great. It’s been a high number of people. It’s been a truly wonderful experience,” said Schustereit.

In addition, Schustereit said she’s met a lot of great people throughout this experience.

“I have learned a lot, but it has been a lot to my expectations. Obviously there’s more to it than I originally thought, but it’s been great,” she said.

Yet, she’s excited to find out the election results later tonight.

“I’m excited. I’m anxious, I’m excited, I’m not nervous, I mean we all have worked hard and all I can do is work and leave it all out on the field. At the end of the day, I’ve done everything I can do. So I’m just excited to see how the results come in tonight,” she said.