Candidates for Victoria County Sheriff runoff election speak

VICTORIA, Texas- The sheriff position in Victoria county is currently vacant, this after former sheriff T. Michael O’Connor was appointed as a US Marshal.

A four year term is on the table for both candidates. The race for sheriff did not have a clear winner with at lest 50% of total votes.

Justin Marr, candidate for sheriff says, “I’m excited to be in the race, and the way we finished the race with 45%, I think that’s a loud voice from the people in the community.”

Dale Fowler, sheriff candidate adds, “With four candidates in the election, it makes sense that it would be difficult for one candidate to get over 50% of the vote, so I’m not really surprised, I’m just happy to be a part of that.” 

Ten more weeks of campaigning will take place before election day on May 26th. Both candidates are gearing up to get voters out to the polls once again.

“We’re just going to continue pushing hard, like we have [since] day one. I’ve got lots of support, like I said, it’s very overwhelming, and we’re just going to push hard, trying to get the word out to the people, mainly trying to encourage people to get back to the polls,” says Marr.

“[I’m] honored and humbled at the level of support that Victorians will pour out for candidates that they have trust and faith in. It’s been a lot of work, but we feel that our community is worth it,” added Fowler.

Each candidates with at least 20 years of experience in the field, they believe they’re the right candidate for the position.

“Boots on the ground have a place, and I’ve been there. I’ve done those things, however, the leadership experience and the business to keep the sheriff’s office moving forward. It’s not so much about where we’ve been, it’s about where we’re planning to go in the future,” says Fowler.

“I’ve got real law enforcement, boots on the ground experience, and I believe that, that is what our community needs to address some of the issues with public safety, which blends in to the manpower shortages, and everything else and officer safety,” concludes Marr.