Candidates for the Tax Assessor-Collector runoff elections speak

VICTORIA, Texas- The Tax Assessor -Collector runoff is between Ashley Hernandez and David Hagan. They joined us in the studio to tell us what sets them apart from one another.

“I wouldn’t step somewhere I had no knowledge of what to do, you know this is kind of like my home. I’ve been there for so long, I’ve watched my predictor arena run it. I have every confidence in myself that I’m capable of handling the duties that come with this,” said Ashley Hernandez, Candidate for Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector.

“I’ve spent nine years as a government elected official and I will tell you this, this is not about a position just about crunching numbers. This is a position where you’re electing a countywide elected official. You need somebody with leadership ability to stand up for your conservative Republican principles in this position,” said David Hagan, the candidate for Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector.

The Tax Assessor-Collector is responsible for calculating and collecting property taxes for Victoria County. We asked each candidate what they think needs to be done in the office.

“Just make sure our customer service stays efficient, we are a positive, friendly environment. Maybe do some express lines for people who are trying to get in and get out really quick they don’t necessarily have the heavy stuff that doesn’t require research or any extra,”said, Ashley Hernandez, the candidate for Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector.

“I believe that when people hear our message of quality customer service in that office and when they hear our message of fiscal conservatism and I’ve fought for the Victoria Taxpayer throughout my career,” said Hagan.

Victoria County will choose who will as the Republican in the next Tax Assessor-Collector on May 26th. Jane Bernal is the Democratic candidate for this seat.